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Peaceful Parenting Online

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This online parenting course combines proven parenting skills, knowledge and specific techniques to help you:

Understand what drives your response when you loose your cool Develop appropriate responses to troublesome behaviours

Communicate effectively so your children listen, cooperate and trust you Let go of old habits that create problems in your relationships.

This peaceful parenting course will give you the best possible chance to listen, learn and practice!   The material has been broken up into 9 modules consisting of:Approximately 1.5-2 hours of audio recordings per module (broken up to 3 x 30-45 minutes of easy listening audio).

Module practical exercises to integrate the knowledge and techniques.Online theory or downloadable theory for offline reading.Online discussions and questions with the course instructor and other participants.

Quizzes and feedback questionnaires to ensure you understand and can implement and Encouragement along the way within our community of like minded parents.

We recommend that you take approximately a week to complete each module.  This will help you to integrate the skills and knowledge and get the best out of the resources available to you. If you choose to join us in the private Facebook group, you will also be able to ask questions of parents current and past (who’ve completed the course) and it’s a great way to share your wins and challenges and feel supported.So take the step and sign up today and I’ll meet you online.

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